Local Business Owners

Would you like to book 20-30 new clients every week like clock work?

Do you own a local services-based business?

Would you like to know how to turn your local business into a 7 Figure money printing machine?

Would you like to make your phone ring with the push of a button?

Would you like to pay per lead call and not per click?

Would you like the ability to acquire more customers at scale on demand?

Would you like to turn a $25 Lead into $88,000 each month like clockwork?

Let’s do the math…

📞$25 Per Incoming Lead

📅$50 Per Lead Meeting

🤝$150 Per Client Acquired

🏆$4,000 Per Closed
Deal X 22

💰$88,000 Per Month

🚀$1,056,000 Per Year

So How Do You Get Qualified Leads On Demand?

But you’re already doing everything in your business, how can you do one more thing?

How can you achieve results like this?

How can you grow your business without having to work weekends, late nights, and miss time with the family…. And sacrifice the reason you started your business in the first place,

Our team at LeadTool.ai specializes in Google lead generation for local services businesses
just like yours.


We plan the strategy, empower you and your sales time, and deploy our advanced LeadTool.ai Software
to capture and nurture every lead into a high paying client.


All there is for you to do, is click this shiny button below, and book your free no obligation
strategy session with our client success team.

About LeadTool.ai

Lead Tool.aioffers a holistic software solution for customer management and acquisition designed to increases lead generation, sales flow, customer retention, and PPC ad targeting through our proprietor strategy. Our "Capture, Nurture, Win" strategy utilizes omnichannel outreach, conversational outreach, and follow-up automation, conversational machine learning technology, advanced retargeting, and our vast lead generation toolbox to create dynamic customer engagement. All while downsizing your tech stack and lowering your software cost. All the Tools you need in one platform.

Jason and his team at Leadtool.ai have filled the space where I felt lacking in my business. It’s all to often that things slip through the cracks, but the management system of Leadtool.ai creates a hub for my business and gives me a snapshot of where my leads are with clear steps on getting them closed. Also, Jason is well experienced and gives great business advice to maximize ownership value and minimize stress.


Andrew Comeens

Dash Real Estate Company

Successful Client

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